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Jan. 2nd, 2011



 Coffee time! By now I've got four coffee-cards, and I thought I can actually put them all in one entry. I thought, dammit, why not? Nobody seems to mind three or two anyway. ;)

Coffee :)

This one is from Switzerland, and looks really delicious and sweet. And cute. Just look at those tiny cookies. And the hearts on the cream. It sorta makes you go 'awwwwwwww' and drink both of those cups. Or share with the one you love, if you have someone. Or not share, if you are selfish. ;)

The second card was sent from Ukraine and it was a really small format. I still love it though. 


And I totally want to have such cup! 

Okay then, another coffee-card came to me from Sweden:

Coffee :)

Surprisingly, when I saw this card, my first thought was: "Hey, I have similar spoons at home..."
Then I looked again and I was like: "...oh wait. Screw the spoon. It's COFFEE". Yep. I'm that crazy. I think that if I get more coffee cards, I'd like to create a separate album with them. Don't be surprised. I'm a complete coffee-addict. 

Coffee :)

The last one is from... Finland, yes. Yeah, I know. It seems that I simply cannot add an entry without a card from Finland. I promise that in the next one there will be no single word about Finland. ;)
And now... well, that's it for today, and I don't care that it's half past 8 p.m., I am going to make myself a cup of coffee!

Dec. 29th, 2010



 Ho, ho, ho! Merry-after-Christmas! I want to welcome you with a wonderful winter card that I've got from Finland:

Hyvää Joulua!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Winter scenes are so pretty, everything is white and seems so pure and peaceful. :)

Eilean Donan, Scotland

Eilean Donan is situated in the western part of Scotland, and it was built around 13th century. I've also read that the castle appeared in several movies. Ha, I knew I've seen it somewhere before! ;) 

Dec. 6th, 2010



 Hey hey, today the Finns celebrate their independence day! Hyvää itsenaisyyspäivää! :)

That's why I thought I'd post only cards from Finland today. Nobody should mind, as probably nobody reads the stuff I write here. Yeah, the popularity of this blog kills me. 

Suomi - Finland

I have a really warm feelings for this card, as it is one of the first cards I got from Finland. And the views somehow remind me of the wonderful three weeks that I spent in Finland last summer. I wish I could go there again someday...

Not to bore you to death, without further comments on the previous card, I'll skip to the next one.

Turku, Finland

This is the former capital city of Finland - Turku. Some of my friends are there on a student exchange right now. I envy them so much, especially that all the time they talk about how wonderful it is in there. And well, I simply love the view that is shown in the postcard... :)


And the last card is currently hanging on the wall above my desk, and it's one of my favourite cards. The letters are gold and look really nice on the black and white picture. The words mean (more or less, I don't know if my translation is okay, but well...) "A real woman doesn't run after men-- She doesn't need to!"
And so this entry will be closed by this optimistic sentence. :)

Dec. 1st, 2010



 Time for another entry, wheeee! It's pretty cold and snowy outside, so I thought I'd start with something to warm you up.


A card from Malaysia, as you can see. :) Pretty nice view, isn't it? Especially if you're sitting in a cold dormitory room (and blogging instead of getting ready to work... never mind, though).  God, just look at the colour of the sea and the sky! It makes me want to jump into the water - which, in my case, wouldn't be clever as I cannot swim. Yeah. Well.

Let's not talk about me drowning in Malaysia. Just skip to the next card.

Kaj Stenvall,

This one is a card from Finland - Kaj Stenvall's painting Matkalla kapteenin pöytään (Towards the captain`s table). I am really in love with Stenvall's duck paintings, so I was really happy to get this card. I have a few more, so probably I'll also show them here someday. :) Currently the card is hanging on the wall above my desk, so I can look at it as I'm writing this post. Haha. Yeah, I'm boasting about it. If you like the card and if you want to see more KS's pictures or read some info about him, visit his webpage: here.

Okay now - the third and the last card for today is... 

a cute kitty from Taiwan

... this extremely cute kitten from Taiwan! :) Yeah, now your brains can explode due to the overload of cuteness, lmao! No, really. It's awesome, isn't it? I never was into cute stuff, actually, but things change, and now when I see cards like that, my heart melts. ;) I'm just getting old, probably. But darn, isn't that cat just way too cute? I love cats, have I already mentioned that? 

Nov. 25th, 2010



Well, so I've been intending to create a blog about postcrossing for quite a while now. And now that I am sitting in my dormitory room, mad because I cannot find my pen, I decided to sit down and spend a few minutes to create this entry. I thought I could show you some of the cards I get from the wonderful postcrossers from all over the world. Sometimes people write interesting things about their cultures or about places/monuments that are presented on the cards. I hope I'll manage to make more or less regular updates here. 

Okay, let's start then! 

Bunratty Castle, Ireland

So this is a card I randomly chose a while ago (I don't have all the postcards scanned, so as much as I'd want to share everything with you, I cannot). It is a view on Burnatty Castle in Ireland. Many thanks to Nora, who sent the card to me. :) She also says, that it is possible to attend a Medieval Banquet in the castle. Wow, that sounds cool, doesn't it? I love such stuff. Ireland is said to be a really beautiful place, and it is among the places that I'd like to see the most. 

And the second card for today is from Moscow, Russia:

Moscow, Russia

The card is from Vika (thanks!), and it shows the Metro-bridge in Moscow. And a train. :) I also love the architecture. The building in the background looks a bit like the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, you can google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. ;) 

Finally, the third and the last card for today - thanks to Tatiana.

Helsinki, Finland

This is one of the cards from the very beginning of my postcrossing adventure. :) And this is a card from Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki is a beautiful place, I visited it this summer and I wish to come back there sometime. The first entry here couldn't exist without a Finnish card, I guess. Those who know me, also know that I have a soft spot for Finland. :)

Well, so I guess that would be it for today. :)